Artists and Artisans from the George Town Municipality

The George Town Art and Artisan's is a self-sustaining initiative of artists and artisans, fostering creativity through shared physical spaces and the collective skills, creativity, and expertise of artists and artisans in the George Town Municipality. 


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Are you a creative that resides or owns property in the George Town Municipality? We'd love to hear from you!

  • Paintings, Photography, Woodwork

  • Ceramics, Floristry, Candles, Décor

  • Patchwork, Knitting, Crafts & More

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The approved purpose of the funding is to establish a new Artisans Guild in George Town to support local crafts people, including a new retail display store. A self-sustaining incorporated collective of Artists and Artisans sharing physical spaces and human capital to create, showcase and retail their crafts.


To provide:

  • retail and gallery space for creatives to showcase and sell their products;
  • a governance framework to achieve optimal operating model, independence and self-sustainable: and
  • affordable spaces in the form of workshops and studios for local creatives to share skills, interests and socially engage while crafting their wares in a central location.


The municipal area of George Town is home to a vast array of talented creatives producing fine art, wood work, metal work, textiles, ceramics, cultural artefacts and various other crafts. A number of art groups exist, however there is no independent entity that represents all artists or artisans or physical space within George Town to co-create, collaborate, socialise, exhibit and sell their creations.

The Artisans Guild initiative will provide the environment for creatives to thrive, share their knowledge and skills, provide pathways for developing and future artists and also add to.

Acknowledgement of Country

George Town Council acknowledges the Palawa People from the Litarimirina tribe from Port Dalrymple as the traditional custodians of the land. We honour and give thanks for the caring of country, seas and skies of kinimathatakinta and surrounds. We pay respect to the elders past and present for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hope of pakana people in Lutruwita.