Collection: Karina Zanchetta

Karina Zanchetta was born in Launceston Q V Hospital to Pat and Cliff Walker. She has lived in George Town all her life. Karina and her brother Stephen attend South George Town Primary School and then George Town High. Karina’s mum taught her to knit, crochet and sew from the age of around 5. She has been involved in various community organisation since the age of 10, including being a founding member of George Town Entertainers and Bell Bay Seafarers mission. It was at the George Town Entertainers that she met Renato her husband. They bought a house at Low Head where they raised 3 children who are now married and starting families of their own. Karina and her mum Pat were in the CWA where they learnt many new crafts. After her mother’s death, Karina focused on recycling cards and calendars into new cards and paper crafts. Karina can no long climb stairs so they have moved back into George Town and now spends much of her time knitting, crocheting and using many crafts to sell and donate where needed. Karina is alway interested in learning something new.