Collection: Jennie Timmins

You could say my life is a ‘work in progress’ as I am passionate about learning. A huge part of that passion is directed to my photography and the camera is never far away from me. I love to capture the beauty that surrounds me, be it people or landscapes.

I qualify to be part of U3A (University of the 3rd Age for people over 60) while I have dabbled in a few of their courses, I think it is safe to say I should stick to photography! Since retirement I have also participated in a few online courses through UTAS to help me along my journey.

I am always looking for opportunities to showcase our State, in particular, my Tamar Valley region. I am in constant awe and inspired by the picturesque part of the State in which I live.  The view from my window and the changing scene as I walk around Pipe Clay Bay, George Town and Low Head keep me busy as I capture with my camera or iPhone a setting sun, a reflection, a face or the local fauna or flora.

You can visit me on Instagram – @jennietimmins and Tasmania Puzzled on Facebook.