Collection: Alene Kieser

African born Alene Kieser, is a professional artist, now living and working in Northern Tasmania. 

Renowned for her work in life studies and the human form, she has a love for the outdoors, Choosing to work in the elements to capture mood and scene through natural lighting. 

Alene’s work has been described as ‘masterful’ and ‘luministic’.

Taking inspiration from plein air, Alene creates unique paintings with a delicate touch using strong colours to convey scenes around her.

She prefers to paint unspoilt landscapes that have roots in Impressionism. She allows living nature to harmonise with her creative skills to produce a sublime reality. 

This process of transposition, taking feelings aroused from the outside and pushing them onto canvas, represents Impressionism in its purest form.

Alene has won numerous People's Choice awards and has held 7 solo exhibitions around Australia.